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Custom Diesel Service, LLC. is a family owned and operated business. Dennis and Anita Skelton along with her son, Todd Lerch, purchased the company from the previous owner in 2015. 

Dennis has worked in the industry for 30+ years repairing trucks and overseeing his own road service business. Anita has decades of bookkeeping experience from her time at veterinary hospitals. 

We are dedicated to delivering high quality service in a timely fashion that allows drivers to get back on the road as soon as possible.  Learn more about our team below!

Anita Skelton

Why this endeavor?

"Dennis saw Todd's talent and ambition and with my help, it became a no brainer"

President & Co - Owner

Dennis Skelton

Why pivot your career?

"I dreamed of working for myself again and the dream gained a new sense of urgency when Anita's son, Todd, 25, started working with me at another company"

CEO & Co - Owner

Todd Lerch

What do you see for the future of CDS?

"A well maintained and prosperous business to meet everyone's diesel needs. At Custom Diesel we get it done!"

Vice President & Co - Owner

Alice Miller

What is special about CDS to you?

"The family atmosphere is truly amazing and it makes my job rewarding. We all realize the importance of our work and go out of our ways to make sure every customer is highly satisfied."

Office Manager

Join the Team

Custom Diesel Service, LLC. has built a strong and reliable team of 9 employees. With our desire to grow, we can always use another set of hands!

If you are interested in joining the team, reach out to Anita at or (610) 437-2626.

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